Welltiss Band FAQ

Working principles

What is Welltiss and how does it work?

Welltiss is the most advanced wearable PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) therapy device currently available. It provides physical performance enhancement due to rapid recovery from muscle and bone injuries. In numerous independent tests over decades, PEMF therapy has been proven to promote healing in the tendons, ligaments, skin, and muscle and bone tissues. Welltiss uses this method to influence cell behaviour by inducing entirely safe but effective electrical charges in and around individual cells. That is how Welltiss:

  • Increases communication and interaction between cells
  • Stimulates circulation by causing both arteries and capillaries to dilate
  • Increases oxygen absorbed by cells, particularly improving oxygen utilization in areas of diseased or damaged tissue
  • Increases blood flow, which allows nutrients to reach the cells while allowing a rapid disposal of cellular waste. Blood flow, along with enhanced protein synthesis in cells, aids in reducing pain, swelling and inflammation
  • stimulates natural endorphin production, including serotonin, which helps speed up the healing process. Innumerable scientific studies have proven that PEMF relieves pain, speeds up tissue repair, and provides regeneration and bone healing.

What is Welltiss made of?

Welltiss is made of (and encased in) medical grade plastic, in order, to avoid skin irritation. The flexible band is made of medical-grade silicon rubber that is comfortable to wear.

What will I find in the Welltiss box?

The product box consists of:

  • Welltiss, the non-invasive, wearable PEMF therapy device
  • Welltiss flexible band and an extension of the band
  • Quick Start leaflet to get you started

Can I use Welltiss without the flexible band?

Yes. The flexible band is included for your convenience, but Welltiss is designed to work wherever you place it. For example, you may find it is easiest to place it in your sock, while treating your ankle. The medical grade material is designed to stay put without sticking to your skin.

Can Welltiss get wet?

Welltiss device is water resistant, but not waterproof, so don’t submerge it in any liquids. It will do well through normal day-to-day use, but please don’t go swimming with it and it is best if you do not shower with it.

How can I clean my Welltiss?

Clean the exterior of your Welltiss device and flexible band with Isopropyl Alcohol or an alcohol-based sanitizer applied to a cloth or cotton swab.

How often should I use Welltiss?

For best results, we recommend daily treatment for at least one hour, either during the day, overnight or both.

What immediate changes will I feel?

Everyone responds differently to PEMF therapy, and the same will be the case for Welltiss. You may initially feel an increase in energy, relaxed muscles, better breathing and a decrease in your pain. In some individuals, such results come only after an initial period of use.

Where do I apply Welltiss?

For best results, apply it directly to the skin, right over the injured area or the area you want to work on. Welltiss is constructed from medical grade material, which makes it safe and non-irritating to the skin. You can achieve the same results when applying it over thin clothing. If you are in the small percentage of users who feel the pulses emitted by Welltiss (and if this bothers you), we recommend that you first apply Welltiss over thin clothing. The thin barrier the clothing provides should negate this sensation while still maintaining Welltiss’ effectiveness.

Do I have to remain still during treatment?

Of course not. We know how fond you are of movement! The advantage of Welltiss as a wearable PEMF device is that you can continue your daily life without any bodily restrictions.

Why do I need treatment at a cellular level?

Cells work at an optimal level in restoring and maintaining tissue and organs, allowing the body to function better. Cells generate energy to perform their basic duties, such as eliminating waste, repairing, regenerating and rebalancing the body. Magnetic fields charge cell membranes, resulting in an increase of energy and the opening up of cell channels, where nutrients can easily enter to eliminate more waste.

How quickly will my illness or health issue heal?

It varies according to the extent of your health problem and how often you use Welltiss. Cells with minor damage can be quickly repaired before an issue worsens. If you wait until you have significant health issues, the cells may be too damaged for Welltiss to produce the desired results or they may take longer to heal. However, with daily use of Welltiss and your body’s natural healing timelines and processes, your body will heal damaged cells gradually. It takes patience, acceptance and daily use of Welltiss to see results. PEMF therapy does not cure diseases. Instead, it improves bodily functions so that the body can better support and heal itself.

What are some general health benefits?

Increased blood and oxygen circulation, which improves sleep, tissue and bone healing, clotting factors, and nutrient intake. Performance is improved due to less muscle tension, increased energy, better breathing and more flexible tissue. You may also see reduced blood pressure, less arthritis development and less inflammation. Additionally, PEMF therapy reduces stress by virtue of feeling less pain and improving the immune system by detoxifying the body.

What is the warranty on the Welltiss equipment?

The manufacturing defect warranty is one year.

Possible applications

Does Welltiss relieve pain from any source or just certain ones?

It should help relieve pain of any initial cause. It does not treat pain, but helps ease the discomfort from it, so whatever the cause of the pain, this should lessen it.

Does it help with lower back pain?

Indeed, it helps with pain from any source, as it uses pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to disrupt pain signals. The device comes with a strap that is not long enough to wrap all the way around your back, but you can use a running belt or even a very simple solution with a medical or sport tape to install the device on the back. Simply activate the Welltiss and then attach it to a painful place.

Does it stop nerve pain?

Welltiss pain relief mode is a natural, non-invasive, safe and effective treatment for nerve pain. It’s related to magnetic therapy, but instead of a constant magnetic field, provides a field that changes with time. It really is the most effective, natural form of pain relief available. This therapy increases endorphins, serotonin, and other hormones help to relieve pain. Welltiss device reduces and temporarily interrupts the pain signal. Less signal equals less pain.

Should I feel the electromagnetic pulses released by Welltiss? I don’t feel any stimulation or pulses.

In most cases, the non-invasive pulses are not tangible. They are working without your feeling any sensation related to them from moment to moment. A small percentage of users do describe a very gentle tingling sensation, which is also normal and fine.

Can it be used on a knee where the thigh bone has a plate and screws in it ?

PEMFs have been studied for the ability of various materials to integrate with bone. Almost all the studies of shown that PEMF stimulation can be applied locally and can significantly enhance the integration of implant materials, including titanium, stainless steel and ceramic implants. Even nails or rods implanted into the bone marrow of long bones, such as the femur, which were movable or unstable, as would happen with surgery for fractures, improved and were integrated into the bone better. Welltiss device will support the bone and the materials used to help the bone.

How fast can I expect results?

Welltiss is a natural and non-invasive device. Therefore you will not feel any invasive impact like you would for example with TENS devices. Results vary from person to person.  Some people feel profound results after 1-3 sessions using PEMF Therapy while others see results over time as the benefit of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is cumulative over time for cellular regeneration.

What is the protocol for use at home. How long do I wear this each day?

There is no special protocol. You can use it for 3 hours, do 1 hour pause, etc.  You can repeat this cycle all day long. Welltiss device uses carefully selected frequencies for each therapy (Pain relief, Tissue repair, Regeneration and Bone healing). In addition, within the selected therapy, the frequency changes every  5 minutes.

Can you only work one area at a time?

Yes, the device is designed in the form of a strap that can be laid or wrapped on any body part, wherever you need assistance. Then you run a cycle by selecting your preferred treatment method on a linked smartphone app. Each cycle is relatively short, so you can move the device from one location to the next

How is this different from a tens machine?

TENS unit has a viable purpose, especially when someone suffers a muscle or nerve injury. However, this is generally best for the short-term.
Those who have extensive injuries will benefit more from a PEMF device. PEMF therapy has been in regular use for decades. It is FDA approved, safe, non-invasive and is a standard therapy type for doctors since the 1970s. What’s new with Welltiss is that the therapy type has been adapted for use on your own and targeting specific areas that need healing or regenerating to recover after exercise or injury.

Welltiss Mobile App

How does the Welltiss application send information to the device?

The Welltiss application uses low energy Bluetooth technology to select your Welltiss device operating mode.

Does Welltiss work with iOS and Android?

Welltiss works with iOS and Android.

Where can I download the application?

Depending on your smartphone, the free application is available both in the Google Play and the Apple stores.

What devices are compatible with Welltis?

Most smartphones (Android and iPhones) are compatible with Welltiss as well as iPads. Android tablets are not supported.

Is there a web application?

No, there isn’t. But you can get it from Google Play or the Apple Store.

How can I get the application?

No, there isn’t. But you can get it from Google Play or the Apple Store.

Do I have to pay for a download?

The Welltiss application is free of all charges.


Is Welltiss a safe device?

Of course! We’ve created Welltiss as a device that relies exclusively on natural low-frequency electromagnetic waves which are complementary to the chemistry and functions of the body. This PEMF technology has been FDA approved, regularly tested and in regular use for decades, and is entirely safe. But you get a double-assurance. Not only is the technology Welltiss uses safe – our device has been independently tested by scientists at an independent university and has likewise been deemed completely safe. If you would like more information on this theme, please contact Support.

Should I feel the electromagnetic pulses released by Welltiss?

In most cases, the non-invasive pulses are not tangible. They are working without you feeling any sensation, but a small percentage of users do describe a very gentle tingling sensation, which is also normal and fine.

Can I overdose with PEMF? Are there side effects? Is it addictive?

No. PEMF therapy simply produces additional energy in the body to supplement what the body naturally produces, to help it heal faster. No harmful chemicals are pushed into the body, because there are no chemicals at work here. The body cannot overdose or become addicted, as only damaged, injured or unhealthy areas use the extra energy to repair and regenerate.

Can Welltiss protect me from future illnesses?

Illnesses come due to unhealthy or damaged cells. PEMF therapy protects against cell injury or breakdown by improving circulation, nutrients and energy. Daily use of Welltiss can balance cells, tissues and bodily function before damage and problems arise. It cannot cure diseases or cancer, but huge improvements in bodily function and symptom relief are reasonable goals.

Should I communicate the use of Welltiss to my doctor?

We recommend talking with your doctor if you want to use Welltiss as a replacement for your medication or as a supplemental treatment.

Can I replace my medication with Welltiss?

We recommend discussing this with your healthcare professional to have a proper diagnosis and determine whether the need for medication can be reduced or eliminated. PEMF therapy can be used to replace, reduce, or be used in conjunction with pain and anti-inflammatory medications without harming your body and without concern of overdosing. Although it cannot cure diseases or cancer, improvements in bodily function and symptom relief can be made.

Can I expedite the treatment?

All healing processes require a healthy body with a proper diet and nutrition, including calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium. Taking supplements and adequate amounts of daily water may help improve health while using Welltiss

Is Welltiss FDA approved?

Welltiss was not submitted for FDA approval since it is a health wellness product, not a medical instrument. Welltiss uses PEMF therapy, which has been proven for its effectiveness and safety through years of research and studies and is a component of FDA-approved treatments.

Who should NOT use PEMF therapy?

We do not recommend Welltiss to those who are: pregnant, have pacemakers, use implanted pain modulators, insulin delivery system, defibrillators or have other health concerns. Speak to your healthcare professional prior to use. Please see the counterindications.


It is important to have appropriate medical care first, so discuss with your health care professional prior to relying solely on Welltiss or other forms of PEMF therapy.

The following are counterindications to using Welltiss or any PEMF therapy device:

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Pacemakers, implanted pain modulators, insulin delivery systems or defibrillators
  3. Epilepsy
  4. Myasthenia gravis
  5. Conditions with active bleeding
  6. Hyperthyroidism, adrenal gland, hypothalamic and hypophyseal/pituitary dysfunctions
  7. Active tuberculosis, acute viral diseases
  8. Malignancies (even in remission)
  9. Psychoses
  10. Severe systemic mycotic diseases
  11. Severe organic atherosclerosis
  12. Excessive menstruation


How do I place an order?

You enter your full name, email address and payment details.

Can I send Welltiss as a gift?

You are more than welcome to place an order and send it as a gift to an address other than your billing address. When placing the order, please ensure that you are entering the shipping address and your separate billing address correctly. We are unfortunately not able to gift wrap or add notes/cards at this time.

How can I track order and delivery?

As soon as our warehouse ships your order, we will send you an email notifying you that your package is on route. In this email we will include a link to track delivery. Our delivery partner is  throughtout the world.
Approximate delivery time is 2-5 working days to urban areas

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