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  • Joint & Muscle Pain Relief
  • Skin Revitalization
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance
  • Accelerated Healing of Wounds & Injuries
  • Stress Reduction & Relaxation
  • Increased Energy & Vitality
  • Fat Reduction

The Most Advanced Red Light and Infrared Light Therapy Device
The mana Pad is an FDA-cleared, OTC Class II medical device for pain relief. This flexible system can be used anywhere on the body. Unlike a heating pad, infrared light therapy works below the skin’s surface reaching deep into tissues, stimulating cells and increasing circulation to target pain at the source. Experience how 60 medical-grade infrared lights can safely stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles, accelerate healing, and relieve pain. Feel better in just 20 minutes, right in your own home!

Features and benefits of the mana Pad include:

  • Soft neoprene material allows for flexibility of application to a variety of body parts
  • Deeper penetration than alternative options like heating pads offer, resulting in deep-tissue cell stimulation that targets pain at the source
  • Adjustable straps to fit around the shoulder, lower back, legs, and nearly any other place on the body
  • Two types of LED lights for surface-level and deep-tissue treatment
  • Natural, prescription-free relief from inflammation, swelling, stiffness, soreness, muscle spasms, joint aches, arthritis pain and stiffness, and more
  • Increased blood circulation so cells can recover and reproduce faster
  • Cordless operation with a rechargeable battery that allows free mobility (full charge typically yields three full 20-minute treatments)

FDA-Cleared Red Light and Infrared Light Therapy
The mana Pad includes two types of LED lights — red and infrared. These LEDs are the same FDA-cleared lights professional physical therapists use in the office. Red light operates close to the skin’s surface to energize cells, while infrared light penetrates further for deep-tissue relief from pain and soreness. Both red and infrared LEDs are UV-free and safe to use.

Be aware that infrared light is invisible to the human eye. It may look like some of the lights are not working, but if you can see the red lights working, the infrared lights are also on.

Is the mana Pad Right for Me?
The mana Pad is a valuable tool for customers experiencing chronic pain from medical conditions, like arthritis, neuropathy and tendinitis, or injuries. LED light therapy strengthens cells while increasing cellular reproduction speeds to accelerate injury recovery times and reduce pain.

How Does Red Light and Infrared Light Therapy Reduce Pain?
Infrared light — which is invisible to the human eye — combined with led light, Led light technology reaches deep into joints and tissues to increase circulation, oxygenation, cellular repair and cellular reproduction. This process results in the removal of toxins and unwanted cellular matter. It also provides general temporary relief of muscle spasms, muscle and joint aches and arthritis and tendinitis pain. Additional benefits include an increased rate of injury recovery and wound healing.

Experience FDA-cleared lights in the comfort of your own home. Safely stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles, accelerate healing and relieve pain in just 20 minutes! dpl® uses deep penetrating light technology in the form of high-powered LED microchips to administer the same spectrums of light originally identified by NASA in over-the-counter, FDA-cleared, Class II medical devices.

mana light therapy products enhance the body’s natural cell repair mechanism. Research and medical studies have shown dramatic effects in pain relief and injury recovery with light therapy. This product is engineered to FDA-cleared specifications and is safe for all skin tones. Our study shows that 9 of 10 users experienced pain relief.

When Will I See Results?
LED light therapy is a 20-minute process that provides proven pain relief. Many customers report feeling relief after the first treatment. Chronic or prolonged pain may require repeated treatments before you feel noticeable pain relief.


  • mana Belt
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • USB Power Adapter
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