OMI Ring Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy PEMF Ring


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  • Low-intensity, programmable magnetic field therapy ring for focused localized application. Diameter: 11 inches. Made in Europe, CE certified
  • No uncomfortable sensation. No heating. No vibration. Beneficial PEMF waves pass gently and unnoticeably through the body to improve cellular health and improve micro-circulation
  • Helps in providing chronic pain relief, improving bone health, improving sleep quality, treating neurological conditions, improving mental health and to maintain overall well-being
  • Improves micro-circulation, reduces inflammation and accelerates body’s regeneration processes. Reverses damage caused by harmful EMF’s and dirty electricity
  • Low intensity, low frequency device (Max intensity: 210 microtesla or 2 Gauss | Frequency range: 1- 99 Hz)

The OMI Ring is a electromagnetic field therapy applicator for localized and focused therapy over a specific area. The device emits gentle low-intensity low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields which help to restore the blocked ion flow and stimulates the body’s own regeneration processes. The device improves cellular health, increases micro-circulation in blood vessels and capillaries, and reduces inflammation in cells and tissues. This results in accelerated healing of the treated area. PLEASE READ ABOUT PEMF THERAPY BEFORE PURCHASE. DO NOT EXPECT INSTANT RELIEF OR CURE. DEVICE DOES NOT PROVIDE HEAT THERAPY OR MASSAGE THERAPY. NO PHYSICAL SENSATION DOES NOT MEAN DEVICE IS NOT WORKING OR IS DEFECTIVE. PEMF WAVES ARE IMPERCEPTIBLE AND CANNOT BE FELT. RESULTS MAY TAKE 1 MONTH TO 6 MONTHS OF REGULAR USAGE DEPENDING ON SEVERITY OF CHRONIC CONDITION. It can be comfortably placed on your neck, or slipped over your limbs (hands, legs, shoulders, knees, elbows, feet etc.). Helps to alleviate chronic pain, joint pain, muscle pain, back pain, knee pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia etc. Improves bone health and beneficial for quick recovery from fractures, or to accelerate healing of orthopedic conditions such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, etc. Aids in improving mental health and can help reduce stress, anxiety, depression and increase focus, concentration and meditation. Can also be used as a complementary therapy for people with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, migraines, multiple sclerosis, post-stroke rehab etc. Helps to improve sleep quality for people with sleep disorders. Helps in reversing damage caused by harmful EMF’s and dirty electricity.

  • Annular Shaped PEMF therapy device for professional and home use
  • Our PEMF devices have been on the market for over 10 years
  • Easy to use, no training required
  • Ergonomic design to pull it over the head down to the neck, or slip a limb through it

Technical Specifications
Diameter: 11 inch (28cm)

Net Weight: 2.11 lb (0.96kg)

Power Supply: DC adapter

Applicator: PU leather, polifoam

Programs: P1*, P2**, P3***

Frequency: 1-99 Hz

*P1: frequency gradually increases from 3 Hz to 38 Hz and then drops back
**P2: frequency continually and randomly changes between 1-99 Hz
***P3: you can decide on the level of frequency yourself

DISCLAIMER: not available for sale in Canada

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