OMI Pulsepad Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Portable PEMF Local Applicator Pad


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  • $235.00
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  • Low-intensity, programmable magnetic field therapy device for full body application.  Made in Europe. CE certified
  • No uncomfortable sensation. No heating. No vibration. Beneficial PEMF waves pass gently and unnoticeably through the body to improve cellular health and improve micro-circulation
  • Helps in providing chronic pain relief, improving bone health, improving sleep quality, treating neurological conditions, improving mental health and to maintain overall well-being
  • Improves micro-circulation, reduces inflammation and accelerates body’s regeneration processes. Reverses damage caused by harmful EMF’s and dirty electricity
  • Low intensity, low frequency device (Max intensity: 210 microtesla or 2 Gauss | Frequency range: 1- 99 Hz)

THE PULSEPAD Portable PEMF Therapy Device

Portable PEMF therapy device for professional and home use
Compact version of our OMI PEMF applicators – same technology
Directly from the manufacturer
Our PEMF devices have been on the market for over 10 years
Easy to use, no training required

Technical Specifications

Size: 7.1 x 10.6 inch (18 x 27 cm)

Net Weight: 0.49 lb (0.22 kg)

Power Supply: 4 pcs AAA batteries (not included)

Applicator: PU leather, polyfoam

Programs: 1 preset program

Frequency: 8 Hz

DISCLAIMER: not available for sale in Canada

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